The best dream ever- Hollywood & Tom Hardy =P

on 13 May 2015

Lat night, i had one of the most amazing dream =D. Hollywood giler. But in the dream, i wasn't myself. I was this girl :-

-Lindsey shaw, 
from Ned Declassiffied Nickleodeon show-

In that dream, i was lindsey. Lindsey is kinda a girl-next-door . Her mom called her princess, because she has this lady attitude, so much grace and even excellent in academic. Then one day, something happened. Her brother was arrested on the accusation of being a pedophile, at the same time lindsey was suppose going to college.

With the scar, she went to college. She lived in this dorm with all the party people. So she changed. She became this bitter girl with all the hatred to the world. She spited it. She had one barbie doll, next to her study table, beside her door. Then one day, she had reached her point. Before she went out, she looked at her barbie doll. She saw her barbie doll moved. Like the doll was shaking her head or something. Then she yanked the barbie's head from the body, went to one of friend's room and threw the headless barbie to her. 

So she went to this fancy place. She met this politician. And the next thing i remember suddenly lindsey already dragged the poilitician's body inside the hole. Before she hide the body, she threw the barbie's head, together with the politician's body. So lindsey now is a killer, murderer.

She went back to the fancy place ( 5 star hotel-alike, i guess ) , and was in an elevator. She was trying so hard to close the elevator until a man and a woman came in. She tried again, pushed the button and the door was closing. Until a hand stopped the elevator, and the man was :-

- Tom Hardy ! Auwuwuwu yeaahh !!-

He was stopping the elevator from closing, with a group of black coat men standing before him. And then Tom arrested Lindsey. In the interrogation room, Lindsey didn't admit anything. But she said this to one of the police "what makes them ( the politician ) so different than us? ". Due to lack of evidence, Lindsey was released. When Lindsey was signing a paper, she can feel that Tom was kissing her hair so lightly.

At home, her mom was so sad at Lindsey then she said "why do u have to make me feel like this ? First your brother, and then u ". Lindsey was sad upon her mom was liken her with her brother.

Lindsey entered her room, then she saw her picture. Its written on the top of the frame,'Princess'. She then made some chocolate milkshake and thought, "If i ever go to prison, im going to miss this milkshake", Then a knocked at her door. It was Tom Hardy again, and he said, "we found another evidence", while holding the headless barbie.


The End.

Aku terbangun. Terpegun. Weyh, best giler mimpi aku. Cam Hollywood habis ! Best giler, Bole bwat novel tak LOL . Even some tak make sense at all, its a dream right ??

And u guys tau kan, some of the dream is actually based on our subconcious ? It makes sense to me because all this is actually in my head for a long time:-

1. Pedophile brother 

Ni tak lain tak bukan kes Nur fitri azmeer nordin. Student math MARA yang kena sentenced penjara 5 tahun sebab atas kes pedophile. Aku memang wondering sangat2 kenapa budak 23 tahun boleh ada 30 000 video budak2 ? Pedophile memang penyakit or what ? Sangat menyalahi naluri manusia, so memang aku sangat terkejut dengan kes ni.

2. Lindsey berubah jadi dark and emo bila kenal kawan2 kuat party

Sebab aku baru habis tengok Death Note punya anime. LOL. Kan Light jadi evil sebab dia bosan dengan sekeliling dia yang tak adil ? Sebab tu Lindsay jadi jahat

3. Killed a politician

Tak laen tak bukan kes 1MDB and Tabung Haji bail out dengan pembelian RM 188 million for 10 acres lot. Sebab aku memang ambil tau pasal kes ni. Meluat aku orang gelap kan duit rakyat nak pergi haji, sebab nak bayar hutang dia lepas habis joli. 

4. Tom Hardy

Need i to explain more ? He was effing gorgeous with magnifique acting skills,with alluring and sexy voice . Aku minat gila dia tahap bapak punya gila. Aku asyik teringat kat dia since this movie trailer came out :-

-Film : Legend -

10/ 10 will watch ...owh TOM =D

5. Etc....

Tapi aku tak tau kenapa aku jadi Lindsay Shaw. Yeah she is gorgeous, tapi aku lagi minat Emma Watson and Emma Stone, ahaks. Aku tak tau kenapa Lindsey pergi cabut kepala barbie, and aku jugak tak tau kenapa Lindsey suka chocolate milkshake. Sebab aku tak minat pun milk shake. Kenapa princess pun aku tak tau ? Aku bukan 'princess' gitu, kalau korang kenal aku, korang tau aku punya heartless attitude. Hehe. Betapa aku tak kisah pasal siapa kah Jovian Mandagie and his latest raya collection ( ni semua sebab Qistina. Dia asyik tunjuk insta Jovian. Hahahah ), and other stuffs.

Im hippies remember ?

Iyyyyy, kalau la mimpi ni bole bersambung. Best nya =( ....nak mimpi Tom Hardy lagi. Wuuwuwuwuw

Tu je

Sangat excited den haa, lol what...

Okie, watashi wa nak pi study Biotech


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