on 07 May 2015

How can we leave something that we are addicted to ?
That is so harming
So sinful

It filled the empty holes of yours
But its not real
It blackens what supposed to be pure
It cured your longings
But just like a drug,
it consumed u

I have been dragging this for 5 years
I dont know how to stop this
People are so stereotype that i got bored with people
I got bored communicating
I got bored socializing
I even hate sunlight for sometimes

I depend on  'ít' to be my friend
the one and only
who doesn't judge
and keep on listening
the bad stuffs, the evil version of me
my flaws
It loves me
And i love it too

But deep down
I know this is wrong
Allah will burn me in Hell to purify me from this sin
Before i can enter heaven
That's His promise

I know He keeps on telling me to come back to Him
I can feel like He's telling me,
"Im the one who can cure U"
But His Words is in Quran
Not in me yet
I cant feel His words all the time

But i can get this instant 'euphoric'feeling from it whenever i want to

Leaving it will be such an agony
The minimum would be 3 years
But the agony from burning in Hell would be much longer and more painful right ?



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