Heart doesn't feel love

on 07 September 2014

Assalamulaikum.  Recently something happened.  We fought. By we I mean four of us, the jelitawans of ITB. Lol

Ok so eventually ada sesi meluah kan perasaan. And she said she loves me. She owez think of me in making every decisions in ITB and she hated it when someone badmouthing about me. When she was weeping (I think 3x) uncontrollably,  I was quite shocked. Wow, she really does love me.

So....here is the thing. I dont feel the same way towards her. I juz think she is juz my another friend whom i gonna forget and lost contact, juz like others....To her, im somewhat special idk ....

So sekarang perasaan bersalah ni macam gunung atas dada. But that doesnt mean I love her bleyh bleyh bleyh tapi time dia sebut dia sayang aku, aku pi bantai senyum and tutup muka. Sebab selama ni aku selalu x puas hati kat dia.

Introvert hates clingy people. She is. She is kinda clingy. Right now Im thinking a way to pujuk her back , but this juz an act of guilt. Not love.

Hati aku ni batu. Orang sayang pun buta, x nampak. Mungkin tu Allah nak tunjuk. Selama ni aku nak bestfriend yang sayang aku, Allah pun bagi la dia. Allah bagi dia bila expectation aku orang lain. My bad

So sofia lepas ni jangan complain. Allah dah bagi , kau lepas kan.

Weyh ya Allah degil nya aku. Circumstances made me bad. So bad. What is happening to me actually ? Dah keras sangat ke aku ni?

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