EMO 1#

on 04 August 2013

Pernah x rasa macam ni? U felt like u wanna change the world. Poverty, war, politics etc. U became so highly ambitious and u thought everything is possible.

But come on, as u grew up, the reality hits u. U definitely CANT.

A medical student thinks she/he can make some a miracle , mayB find a cure for cancer
A pharmacy student thinks she/he can do greatness, mayB create antiviral for HIV
A politician thinks she/he can stop the war
An activities thinks she/he can stop racism


No, im not being so negative, but come on, even Albert Einsten was a divorcee, even Morsi was arrested, even Bill Clinton who once the most powerful man on earth was a sex maniac, even Nelson Mandela was imprisoned,  even Suu Kyi until now is not a free woman, even Ahmadinejad is a Syiah believer, how can normal people like u or me can change the world ?

U wanna end the world hunger, but u still make loan from bank/ptpn/mara . U wanna stop the war, its Jews who conquer the world now. U wanna stop racism, u juz...cant.

And what angers me the most is the IGNORANT .

We care so much bout this world. We wanna change it but we juz cant. We dont have the money, the Power.

But how bout you ??

So effing busy with all your s**t, thats actually bring NOTHING GOOD to others. 

#rasa EMO sangat ni kenapa ?? 

-look into the future-
-( Galway, Ireland )-

To all Ignorant,

Sila bukak mata,
bukak minda, 
banyakkan membaca,

& pandang jaoooohhhh ke hadapan

semoga hidup dengan 
minda yang x sempit


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