Welcome to Bandung

on 07 September 2013

Im in Bandung now n sorry for long-waiting update. Me busy n me got no internet. Dah beli broadband tapi line cam baboon ( sebenarnya nak sebut haiwan yang kena samak tu..tehee) .

So, let me start with my first arrival in Bandung, 13th August 2013. Mom didnt cried like she used to when we siblings were about to separate for study ( especially my sis, Ainun. Mom rentap tangan Ainun and peluk dia at International Gate. Hahaha) . Me ? I didnt. Until i entered the plane =P . I was crying & weeping & forcing myself to stop. Girl, ur 22. Big girls dont cry . Coz, ya lo, 8 months of holiday siap ke Europe London bagai, tiba2 kena study. Hehe, xde la, plus tiba2 teringat kat  pengorbanan mom & dad in order for me to study in Bandung. I owe them much3 ( see bakal suami, thats why saya taknak kahwin awal. Saya nak hantar diorg pegi Umrah dulu )

First Impression ? the Reality met Expectation. I mean, before pegi Bandung aku dah set mind , " Indonesia bukan cam London, so do not expect anything first class or perfect condition & stuffs. Ur going there to STUDY " .

Traffic jam sini bapak teruk. KL standard nya teruk. The road condition here is pretty bad, berdebu, berlubang, hon hon hon. But yang buat aku pelik sangat2, once u reached the destination after the tough time on the road by angkot , let say Ciwalk Mall, serious lawa sangaaaaaaatttt. Sangat fancy, sangat 1st class & the best thing is sangat MURAH !! Weyh, mana lagi kau bole makan kat fancy restaurant with only <RM 15 ( food + drink + dessert ) ? & let me tell u one thing, kau xkan bole diet di Bandung. Semua SEDAP =D

I met few seniors, n Alhamdulillah, diorang super duper nice. Ready to help & owez there when i need something. On 1st September , ada Eid Dinner for malaysian students in Bandung.And  its a tradition for freshie like my friends and I kena buat persembahan. We decided to make short-movie, and in the movie  :-

- wa jadi ROCKERS !!-

Seniors puji n cakap video kitorang membanggakan ITB =P n believe it or not, ramai yang bergambar aku suruh aku wat pose rockers. Well, im good =P . Classmates semua pun sporting & talented kott, especially syazwan the Editor , awesome sangat dia edit .

- Malaysian Students in Bandung-

- Classmates ( tapi x cukup .Ada yang x datang) -

- I had a blast =)
Iewan won the 'Prince' title that night, Hot stuff 3x!! -

About study tu nanti la update. Sebab hari ni ktorg nak masak nasi lemak & other malaysian foods, yeay !!

Till then


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