Quicky Nicky 3#

on 26 July 2013

Salam. Tadi sahur makan bubur n cendawan jepun. Mak xde , wawawa ~~

1) When ma dad said " Sambung je la kt MSU or AMU " a long time ago , i responded , " Xnak la bhutang pape lagi abah ( PTPTN) "

Then he told me " Being in debt is inevitable ..."

Ble dah 22, mom started to B open with me & told me things i neva knew she experinced those kind of things before. Life to mom , was hard those days.

N i realized , i have to prepare myself ( mentally & physically )  to make sacrifices. Rite now everyhthing is such a comfy. Future ? Prepare for the worst by having da excellent strategies !

2) When u found & read your 18-20years old self-version 's sketch book , u found out how naive u are. Remembered what yee said " Life is x owez a rainbow & sunshine aya ". Thats in my sketch book , RAINBOW. Unicorn everywhere...

So im glad dat 'thing ' happened, coz unicorn needs to B dead. And burn to disentegrated. And puffed to ashes and dust.  Gone

Bcoz i need Ferrari , to keep up the pace of changing nature in mua life, very fast..

3) I wanna share this quote ive read from kakct's intagram :-

" Im on the age where i dont have to impress anyone "

I think its now . 22 .

Feelin taylor swift anyone ?

Papai. Wassalam

1 side effects ?:

Arasi said...

Be strong babe.. you can make it ONE DAY!! =D

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