MONEY is x everything...YET

on 18 July 2013


This  is one of my motivation...


Not to hve luxurious life , expensive yatch , private jet , eat gold as lunch (yes , douchebag eat that ) , shopping spree yeda yeda yeda...

For my children
For my parents
For me

Kalo parents sakit  ( nauzubillah ), aku nk hantar pegi private hosp so they get treated the way they deserve it . ( come on , we all know bout govt hosp service )

Kalo anak sakit , aku nak branded medication , not dat cheap pharmaniaga general medication  . ( Hosp Ampang did smthin  that patients must x know )

Kalo parents nak g umrah , aku nk hantar pakai agent. So they dont have to wait & get excellent hospitalities

N for me , i experienced few painful nights , alone. No one to help , smtimes without medication , food or money.

N i remembered this particular night. Its soooo damn painful  & da money for stupid simple surgery is rm700, but i only got rm100. I cried damn hard , felt like smone is poking & digging my jaw with sharp-pointy dagger. Felt like smone is twisting my head with full force. I couldnt sleep. My mom was in sarawak , n its x paycheck day yet.

No money for surgery.  & as for medication , i need cataflam ( diclofenac potassium ) which cost rm19 per strip for analgesic. But i  could only buy da cheap Ponstan (mefenamic acid ) , which actually quite dangerous to ur kidney .

I was so pissed off with everythin , was in such agony to the point i felt hopeless. ( lagi sakit dari period pain wa cakap lu )

Hopeless + PAIN + no money ( surgery + medications ) = gambar seperti yg anda lihat dibawah

Thats one of many wake up call in my life.



p/ s : tumbuh gigi bongsu tu time form 5. Dentist advice aku surgery coz akan sakit ble besar. Aku wat dunnoe. Sampai la 21, memang gigi tu membesar , so die tolak gigi lain & gusi + daging pipi tkoyak ( for space ). My mouth was bleeding all day long for 2 days. Betul la cakap org , PALING SAKIT : 1) Mati, 2) Beranak , 3) SAKIT GIGI

Aku x exagerrate weyh... Nanti korang rasa la sindri....hehehehe

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