One step at a time..

on 17 July 2013

Petunjuk dah dapat.

Rezeki depan mata.

Peluang tersedia.

Apa lagi yang kau takut ??


I dont know how to express this thru words. All i can tell is, my prayers, were answered. All of my doubt, vanished , when he said " YOU GOT IN"

I was soooo shocked. I couldnt speak. I cant express this gratitude but to Him. He gave me soo many signs. Its like, " Dont think too much. Dont worry anymore. THIS, is the right path for u. Your future."

Im happy, really i am. MayB because im afraid of the future. How, how im going to survive this ? Can i make it ? I will sure do, because of many candidates applied for it, im the who got in. ME . 


He knows what perfect for me. Cant you see ? This is a sign. So stop worry sooo much. Now, what do you need to do is:-

1) Study really hard
2) Strive hard for your future
3) Give your best effort

You're 22 now ....ACT YOUR AGE. 

Leave all your past behind . Those angers, i know, they arent there , in your heart anymore. U decided to let it pass, forget, and CHANGE.

He gave you this very golden chance, to rise. To become a better you. For you to take one step to the ladder of ....the REAL YOU.  Soo much potential in you, He wants you to dig deeper, until a DIAMOND you are. 
So say " Alhamdulillah", take this chance & let it rockin your world. =)

psssttt, I GOT IN.

Institut Teknologi Bandung,
Degree of Pharmacy
 -Tower Bridge, London-
( tengah bajet J.Lo )


p/s: DOA is the best WEAPON

2 side effects ?:

cik hidayah said...

congrats and goodluck dear! hope another 4 years boleh jumpa ainin kat hospital or maybe community pharmacy *since I am definitely taknak masuk industrial*

AyaSofia said...

thanx !! X sngka tpilih sbb ITB picky ckit. Degree ni 3 tahun je, ( dont worry, i checked with Pharmacy Board already, iktiraf 3 tahun in ITB ). Owh, really ? Me? mayB consider Industrial kott. Tp prefer govt hops =P

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