From a loathful woman, came a powerful queen

on 29 November 2015

Final exam nak dekat dah. Tapi tadi aku tak dapat tidur sebab sakit perut & mual, so aku tengok movie since aku x dapat baring jugak. Baring lagi pening. Nape ntah. Aku tengok cerita 'The Other Boleyn Girl', insipired by novel written by Philippa Gregory , based on theories outlined in Retha Warnicke's book "The Rise and Fall of Anne Boleyn ".


Hostorically accurate ke tak, i dont think i have enough knowledge about that, but if u are curious, u can refer to this site . But the characters in the movie semua wujud, and the basic story ada. 

I always tell my close friend ( who knows my obssesion with old english movie ), that it is fascinating & proven how woman can change the world. Maybe with her beauty, charisma, the way she speaks, her her insightful mind, her grace. Just look how Anne Boleyn manipulated King Henry VIII until he decided to depart from Roman church, thus changing the England forever. For a woman.

For a woman. 



Then after the ruling of Queen Mary I of England ruled for 5 years, came the ruling era of daughter of Anne Boleyn with King Henry VIII, the ever famous & powerful Queen Elizabeth I. 

Queen Elizabeth I,
played by Cate Blanchett in film
 √Člizabeth' & Elizabeth : The Golden Age

And this is what strikes me. Anne Boleyn adalah perempuan yang dibenci England & synonym with manipulater, seducer and accused with treasons. How does it feel to have queen so powerful with spiteful mother ? Siapa sangka perempuan yang paling dibenci England bakal melahirkan kepada salah seorang perempuan yg paling berkuasa satu masa dahulu ? Apa rakyat dia rasa dulu ek?

For me, its interesting how God planned all this. He gave the best from the worst. From a loathful woman came a powerful queen.

I guess u can never guess the unexpected.When bad things happened in life may came the best of out best. 

Interesting is it not ?



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