So smile & think

on 27 December 2013


Juz smile & new motto

Seeing people with different attitudes & views..sometimes juz brilliant and sometimes mere stupidity...put urself in their shoes & compare with urs. So smile &think..

Seeing people so arrogantly , pleasing themselves bcoz they juz have the money , the power..And people who cover themselves with purdah, niqab &socks but prefer to hate & make distance from 'that' kind of smile & think..

Seeing people so loud in da name of justice...and some people steal for a day of smile and think...

Seeing them frown & whine for things they couldnt get...seeing parents annoyance but actually devastated coz couldnt fill their children's smile & think

Seeing u getting married, with ur beloved hubby in ur arms, saying im too liberal when i said i dun blieve in early marriage...seeing her crying her heart out , her hubby made her bankrupt , made her child starved, bald, no money, no house & no one to depend on with regret and she hold my hands " get a lot of money, buy a house & cars, then get married. Dont repeat the same things i did..TRUST A MAN". So smile & think...

So smile & think...


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