on 07 November 2013

Life is different now. IM DIFFERENT. Haha, yes, i changed. A lot. To the point im confusing myself & dont recognize my own thoughts, my own screams, my own anger.

Im getting fierce, sometimes mean, yes a lot of bi**chy, sometimes overtorelant, emo emo emo, sometimes over optimist.

This is all because MY BRAIN IS MATURATING

Hahahahahaha !!! Get it ? Get it ? Get it ? No you dont. So im going to elaborate it more.....

You see, remember when i told u we only use 3% of our brain to live ? So maksudnya aku rasa time diploma farmasi dulu aku guna 0.00000000000000000001 %. Owh yes !!

Dulu ingat belajar Farmasi ni hafal2 je. Slap my arm n call me sally ! Bulls**t ! Hey dulu time buat ubat, formula dari British Pharmacopoiea dah tersedia, kami students hanya perlu weight & buat & dispense. Kini di ITB, tiada lagi MELAYU MALAS. Ini MELAYU RAJIN PUNYA , READ THIS DR.MAHATHIR!!

-MgTrisilicate Suspension-

Owh  so u think u simply can refer to internet ? DO IT, I DARE YOU ! Btw, yang atas ni is the formula yang paling aku PROUD sangat because this is MY FORMULA. 

U see, in order to formulate, kau kena pikir preservatives, buffer, colouring, flavouring, antioxidant, sweetening, anticaplocking, suspending/emulsifying agent, wetting agent. Easy u say ?? Kalo ko nak preservatives, u have to think whether it needs COMBINATION of preservatives or not. Kalo u nak buffer, u have to seek da pKA value in any books n calculate n see whether the pH value suits ur pH physiology of eyes or any cavity. Colouring, u have to see whats da age of patient, kalo berumur die taknak pink2, kena warna kuning. Kalo budak, kena pink. Flavour, hah, my klazmate ada yang taruk ROSE AQUA for above formulation. Mind u friend, rose aqua untuk EXTERNAL sahaja. Kalo sakit perut of course u dont want any banana flavour rite? U want mint ! So u said u can simply use sucrose as sweetening agent ?? Dude, sucrose promotes dental cavity n bad for obese kids. So how to solve it ?? Use glycerol! Or sorbitol ! & U think u can use any emulsifying agent ?? Which method, dry or wet ?? Which form needs to form soap?? Its external ! Internal u only need to prepare PRIMARY EMULSION! 

On the first week of pharmaceutical lab,our lecturer, Bu Lucy who is the WRITER OF PHARMACOPOIEA, punya mengamuk & asked us to go back to Malaysia and even called us STUPID & HOPELESS. Semua tak tau buat formulation.

But then i didnt give up ! I didnt. I challenged myself. I pushed myself to the limit & NO I HAVENT REACHED MY LIMIT YET. My brain is 2 kg, it needs to be filled more than this !

Belum masuk subject laen to polymerize the mutant gene ? How to culture virus in monkey's kidney ? Chemical composition of Lavandula Spica ? ( soalan midsem sedangkan ktorg x pernah belajar pun dalam kelas. Yes, diorg suruh ktorg FIKIR )

NO IM NOT BLUFFING yang aku la yang paling pandai & aku la amik course paling susah kat dunia. NO ! 

I wanna tell you this, this is how you can beat the JEWISH, the CHINESE ( non-racist statement. Juz motivation)

CHALLENGE URSELF. SKY IS NOT UR LIMIT. UR DEATH IS ! Bila dah mati nanti, baru berhenti berpikir ! Only rest when it is time to rest !

Rasa dah saturated otak ? Hahahaha, lawak gila! Siyez lawak !

I LOVE ITB sooooooo much =D !!

I remembered time exam kat masterskill, i was thinking " Setakat hafal2 je buat apa. X guna otak pun. Jewish invented formula n here i am memorizing one of them "

Allah Maha Dengar. Amek ! 

- Primary Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil -

- Sugar-free Suspension Formula -

- Check whether the dose prescribed is SAFE or not -

- Calculation of buffer-
- See above, we use the wrong buffer- 

So this is how it feels like,




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