on 28 November 2013

Sorry  ya emo sangat2 baru2 ni. Well, everyone have their upside down =P. Actually nothing to update la. Just im boring and need to do something which is blogging.

U see, i changed my skin care to hada labo. Actually i had had used it in 2011, but heard a rumor its haram , so i stopped for a while. But when i checked again, its stated there 'No animal origin', so apa yang haram nyer ? So now im using it, n boyyyyy, my skin seems sooooo  much better than before. Lagi halus, moist & a bit fair la. Love it  !! =D

Study? Dont know la, juz hope i  survive this sem...

I think tu je kott. Xde bende nak cerita la. Papai

-takde motip..
suka suki di Amanda's Brownies bersama teman2-

- selalu dengar calamine lotion je kan?
Apa barang????



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