of Not so Coolness..

on 27 October 2011

Picture speaks thousand words
thats why taking picture of everything
is a cool stuf,

-ma funny, crazy kesayangan bongsu-

- pancake, waffle, pastry yeay..! -

- messy style, 1st try
da outcome? HOT MESS..
urggh, not cool -

 -suka suki dlm airplane..
oh yeah, i look cool enough
to be published in this post =P -

-subhanallah =) -
-aku suka kott sit sebelah tingkap!
bole tgk awan..!
cool !-

- & much better if there are empty sits beside me..
less awkwardness ...
dude kt hujung tu tido mati woo -

- coolness melanda jika anda ske membaca-

-lagi cool klo anda jmpa unusual stuff..
dessicant is packed in da closure dude..!
bukan dlm packing as usual..-

da above pics are taken during
Sem 5 break
& cuti deepavali...

till then.....


2 side effects ?:

Kina said...

Bestnyeee naik plane! Adore you miss pretty pretty :)

AyaSofia said...

slm kina..hihi, thnx =) ..pretty not, cute mayB =P ...haha

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