The Neighbourhood (The NHBD )

on 26 January 2015

Guess the latest post is not the last one huh? Hehehe. Rasa memang dah banyak berubah la since masuk ITB ni . In a good way. Alhamdulillah. Still banyak lagi nak belajar. Insya Allah.

So aku perasan some or most of the post since masuk ITB are mostly sangat emo or sangat serius. Huahuahua. So aku nak post benda lagha cikit la hari ni haaa~~

Music. Music tu kalo aku bole tengok rupa fizikal dia, dia mesti rupa macam like a faceless creature with wings. Because music can take u to another place. And those wings keep u high & keep u warm like one's hug. Hyperbola ~~

Aku nak introduce a band 


This is not the typical band with eye candy cowok2 nya ya neng2 sekalian. Memang baby face, tapi music diorang sangat2 matang. They dont sing about sex, money, women and etc. They sing about life, love, revulsion and the little things that make u liberated in this repulsive world. 

There are soo much emotions in one song that can make me feel happy but vulnerable, buoyant but sense of clingy, pinnacle but misery , ALL at the same time.

They sing about REALITY. They dont go over the board sangat macam sehidup semati dalam cinta. Love is something simple like, in one of their song, 'Sweather Weather' : It's too cold for you here and now so let me hold both your hands in my sweather  " . 

As simple as that. Love is keeping your hands warm in his worn-out jacket.

First time aku dengar lagu diorang is ' Baby Came Home':

''Baby came home today. Told me to stay away. She said i cant love her no more. She's gone all the time. Baby had all my trust. But i guess it's never enough. So baby packed up all she had. Promised to never come back. I think if u found her, even u would know, that she is mine. That girl, is mine ''.

Confusing giler kan lagu dia ??? Hahaha. Girlfriend dia nak tinggalkan dia, dia frust, but still that girl is his. Maybe im just that weirdo emo girl with weirdo taste, tapi lagu ni buat aku terbuai2 and sedih at the same time. Makes no sense right ??

Aku suka almost all the song of The Neighbourhood. Aku suka all those feelings in one song. About all the reality we face everyday.

                                                          - Baby Came Home-

Another song, 'Little Death'-->  "Make me feel like i am breathing. Feel like i am human. Darling , your looks can kill. So now you are dead ''.

Sweet sangat. Sangat3. Sangat3. Aku ketagih kat lagu ni tak tahu berapa kali dah ulang. Sangat high tapi rasa lonely, misery and lovely. It's so confusingly addicting  (T____T )

                                                                     - Little Death - 

Ok2...last one, 'STING':
''I told you im sorry. Couldn't thank u enough. I thought that i love u, but we weren't in love. Imagine our children, how f****d up would they be. Mommy's a psycho, Daddy lives in a dream. U liked to think, we would push through the bad.  Ignoring the problems just to hold what we had''


It's like the reality of a messed up couple. Both have to go separate ways despite all the promises they had, because they will mess up more than ever, for a better life. Lagu ni sedih , macam ada orang luah kat aku sebuah cerita sedih, and aku paham dia. 

Ke memang aku emo. Hiks

Tapi band ni langsung tak emo. This is an INDIE BAND baby.  Bukti, this song lari sikit  from the usual The NHBD  :-


Rap + pop indie + saxophone = perfection !

Salah satu faktor lagu The Neighbourhood buat peminat dia rasa mcm low dose LSD is because of this man ----------:

- Jesse Rutherford-

His voice is sooooooo soothing & so sexy at the same time

He is like the singer version of my Alan Rickman 
Dead serious


This band makes me feel so real, so human. =)



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