Hippies Princess

on 26 October 2014

Remember high-school? That was the period when all your hormones went gaga. That was the puzzle period of your self-hood. And u went to college. That remaining teenage-dream began to drift away, so u created your new persona who u thought is gracious, superior, sturdy, fitted to your own self-label.

Then, u slowly began to know how rotten and vicious the world is. And u got frustrated. U thought u were good. Nice. But the foul acts u performed denied everything u believe u are. 

So u are not that righteous after all.

People keep saying, " When u change, u change for good". But i changed, to armor my false charisma.  Thus this is the new character im implementing on my subconcious ---> Hippies

The world is cruel and nasty. Politics, war, stereotype. They WONT end. It was few months ago that i decided not to care anymore. I disliked all the politicians's fb, i dont read news, i dont bother on the comment section of youtube & articles, i read less and less and lesser.

And u know what, IM HAPPY .

I decided not to care anymore.

Aya is the new hippie. 
Call me princess, 

Hippies Princess.

-Aya loves her carrot. ' Organic ' -


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