I See ....

on 16 February 2012

i see THINGS ...

things like :-

1. even u are da most intelligent person in da world,
klo akhlak buruk, 
x jadi ORANG, 
x guna gak...

2. How some people are juz obsess
with things yg x menolong kita kt akhirat nnt...

3. How people changes through ages...
Aging is not maturating, 
bcoz some became a JERK hole..

4. How people lies,
& idiotly how people can trust da lie

5. & how people desperately, fighting, for LIFE...

- i want to B dis gurl again -

I ,
aint no feet on ground,
bare hearted,
flaring spirit,
looking blankly..


0 side effects ?:

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