Sulphur Ointment

on 04 April 2011

in da previous dispense lab, we had to dispense Sulpur Oinment...actually ader 2 practicals arini, tp oleh krana ingredients for Sulphur ointment adlah simple ointment + sublime sulphur , so juz gabung jer 2 exp...

mula2 ktorang wat simple ointment...pastu campur sublime sulphur...dis is da 1st time wit ointment, n honestly, it wore out ma fully energy....why? coz weighing + melting + stirring + incorporating....3 JAM kot! adeys ~ ~ time incorporate sulphur tu ngan simple ointment, mmg tension...dok pnat penyek2 ointment jgn bagi ader gritty particles...dh la stirring sblum tu pun dh nk dkt 1 jam, penat ..!

- sinuses look alike.... =P -

& practical neh la markah plg rendah prnah aku dpt - 8 / 10 jer...huhuhu....sir kejam!! dh la lab partner aku a.k.a leng loi irene x dtg arini, so i was kinda blur2............tu je la kot..papai!


1 side effects ?:

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