Liquid Paraffin Emulsion

on 14 March 2011

today is Monday, enough said...hehehehe....we had to dispense Liquid Paraffin Liquid Paraffin is a type of mineral oil , thus da ratio of primary emulsion [ oil : water : gum]  is 3:2:1 ....

We used Dry Gum method, which requires da additon of Oil n Gum first...but today Azrin, Helena, Niva n Arshanah had to dispense by Wet Gum Method as the aim is to compare da stability of emulsions....

in dis preparation, we use both emulsifying & thickening agent together...why leyh? bcoz to increase da viscousity of emulsion as Liquid Paraffin is less viscous.. =)


-Primary Emulsion-

hahaha, crious lawat time wat Primary Emulsion,
sorang2 mnjerit kgelian tmasuk aku 
bcoz rupa die mcm cekodok + small intestine...hehehe

sir tanya, "da mdicine u prepared juz now, can it B consumed by patient?"
at first i answered "Yes" , but then dok pkir2, pastu aku jwb "NO"..
Sir asked "Why? Explain..."
then i answered, "coz da ingredient we used 4 dis preparation are not for medicinal purpose , but Lab purpose.." pastu sir senyum je....haaaaa ~ ~?  aper kah maksud dsebalik senyuman itu..? (-__-")

hehe..dats all peeps...

p/s: i thought i didnt do well for laz Dispense test, 
but then i got 'A'..peliksss..hee~~..

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