Castor Oil EmulsioN

on 08 March 2011

At noon Dispensed klaz, we had to dispense CASTOR OIL EMULSION.......

Ingredients:- *Castor Oil *Gum  Acacia * Distilled water ( sikit jer kan ... )

Da ratio oil: water : gum for primary emulsion  is 4:2:1 ..Castor Oil is a type of o/w [internal use],  fixed oil (other than Cod Liver Oil & Arachis ) ....

Uses- Purgative

btw, saya dpt 9/10....weeee~~

VIVA- Why do we have to put label "SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE" ?
            To ensure uniform distribution of dispersed phase throughout da continuous phase.
            To scatter da dispersed globules uniformly.

k, dats all peeps...

0 side effects ?:

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