My last ink

on 29 December 2014


Its been a while. Rasa blog ni mcm takde guna dah. Haha. I was so into blog when Fatin Liyana mula2 famous dulu. Tapi i guess we all grew up. And we all change. And this blog is something that i no longer have interest  in. Maybe this is the last post from me. Maybe.

There are few  stories nak cerita kt sini. From the latest post, about that girl kan, rasa nya dah dapat accept the one who we care the deepest doesnt  stay long. Let go. And that is the only way to not the feel the pain anymore. I wish u well darling. Really.

Yesterday,  i had this magical moment where all the puzzles in my life suddenly make sense. Pernah rasa x mcm tu? Like a drawing puzzle, when all the dots is linked to each other, u can see the full picture of it.

I think i know what to do with my life now. I can see where all this is leading to.

I delete my fb. My instagram. Social media is the world where people fake all the time & trying to be as perfect as they can be. But they wont. And im tired with these acts. When we accept our flaws, that is the moment when u realize u can improvise and learn. So i do not learn anything from instagram except Naked Palette ada 3, and yang paling cantik is Naked Palette 2.

Ilmu Allah ni hanya sekadar satu celupan jari dari lautan ilmu. Rasa malu plak bila umur 23 ni, ilmu yang ada ni sbesar zarah je kot.

Pernah wonder x apa limitations manusia yang sebenar?

That is what im going to find out. 


I thank you for being in this journey with me.


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